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The ICY Baby Foundation is a non-profit organization that equips young people with the values and vision to pursue their dreams. Our goal is to inspire black, brown, and other underserved students and family members to break through barriers, take control of their own futures, and seize opportunities for good through financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and technology training.

Our vision is to be a pilot program that enriches and empowers the lives of young people globally beyond their current circumstances. Our philanthropy work is to lead positive change in the communities we serve and impact the lives of others.



Mission: Icy Baby Foundation, Inc is a nonprofit organization that equips young people with the values and vision to pursue their dreams. We aim to inspire students and families to break through barriers and take control of their future through entrepreneurship, mentorship, financial literacy, and technology training.

You Can Make a Difference

A non-profit is as strong as the community that holds it up. Every person has the chance to make a change for good —We help Turn the Journey of life into a purposeful story you can be proud of. No matter how big or small. Your generous donation will enable us to meet our goal, provide more events and engage with our local community. Know that your contribution makes a difference in the lives of others. Together we can do more than we can do alone. Let's bring our abilities and passion together to effect real change.

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Our Purpose

The Icy Baby Foundations will focus on programs for Black, Brown, and other
underserved communities are groups of people who face significant barriers to accessing essential resources and services, such as healthcare, education, housing, employment, and financial services. These communities are marginalized and disadvantaged, including low- income families, minorities, people with disabilities, and rural communities.
These Underserved communities lack access to quality healthcare facilities, adequate housing, or safe and affordable transportation options. They also face barriers to education and training, which can limit their job prospects and earning potential. In addition, these communities may have limited access to financial services, such as banking and credit, which can make it difficult to save, invest, and build wealth.
The specific needs and challenges underserved communities face vary widely depending on geography, culture, and socioeconomic status. However, they need help accessing the primary resources and services essential to building healthy, prosperous, and sustainable communities. Addressing the needs of underserved communities is a critical priority in the Icy Baby Foundation as we work to promote social and economic justice.

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Our Areas of Focus



Cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset within underserved communities that enables people to identify and make the most of opportunities, overcome, and learn from setbacks.

Financial Literacy

Improving financial literacy and access to financial literacy for the youth of color.

Underserved Communities

Offering our entrepreneurship and financial literacy initiative to communities across the globe, and celebrating black, and brown culture, traditions and history.


Offering sponsorship to organizing focused on encouraging black and brown youth to consider or pursue careers in technology

Life Skills

Improve well-being and strengthen mental fitness, through managing stress and anxiety to finding student-life balance, confidence, and purpose

Youth Mentoring

We belive that teens thrive when they have guided support to explore their interest

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6 Weeks Financial Literacy Training

Since 2021, The Icy Baby Foundation has been helping clients reach their potential. We ensure that individuals, small businesses, corporations, nonprofits and all of the other clients we work with have a nuanced understanding of their finances, allowing them to maximize their profit. All students will complete a 45 minute to 1-hour workshop. Once students have completed their course, they will be able to participate in an online graduation to celebrate their dedication and learning.


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